Friday, July 30, 2010

Stuart Immonen presented with Inkpot award at SDCC

Outlaw Territory contributors Stuart and Kathryn Immonen had a panel at San Diego Comicon this year. As the panel began, Gary Sassaman (Director of Print and Publications) stepped to the podium and presented Stuart with the Inkpot Award. It seemed like an honest surprise, and one that I'm sure was very much appreciated.

Congratulations, Stuart on the award and best of luck with 'Moving Pictures'.

Graveslinger up for a Harvey

Outlaw Territory contributor Shannon Denton is up for a Harvey Award for "BEST PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED GRAPHIC ALBUM" for Graveslinger (IDW). He is nominated along with Jeff Mariotte, John Cboins and Nima Sorat. The book is published by IDW.

It's a great book that was well put together. Anyone who is a fan of Outlaw Territory should check out the book. And if you can vote, please do so.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Written by Kathryne Immonen
Illustrated by Stuart Immonen